New product Alert: VEKA SPECTRAL!



Coming soon to Amberline is the all-new VEKA AG SPECTRAL uPVC surface.

SPECTRAL is a high-quality advancement in surface finishing technology. This next-generation technology stands out as a result of the following features:

• Low heat absorption. As the biggest challenge to uPVC windows, surface temperature gains were kept as low as possible.

• uPVC in more colors. With various shades of grey trending in modern design, SPECTRAL offers three high-demand grey options.

• Ultra-matte finish. uPVC windows have never been available with such a matte finish! With a velvety texture, the surface creates a high level of dirt repellency.

• Technical design. Weather-resistant and long-lasting layers protect the product. The coating is specially hardened giving it excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion.

• Class A Profiles. They offer greater stability, torsional rigidity, and screw connections. These features make the Class A profile an ideal base for VEKA SPECTRAL.

• A unique surface. Backed by a 10-year guarantee of weather warranty, and keeping sustainability in mind, they are also completely recyclable.

VEKA SPECTRAL is a perfect complement to any modern residential or commercial buildings!

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